10 Benefits of Making Comics Online For Free

Make Comics Online For Free Using Storyspread

There are so many benefits to making comics online.

Not only is it a great option for non-artists, but it’s a great way to save time, stress less, save money, and MORE.

One of the pains creatives run into when creating a comic book is the hassle that comes along with the development process. Learning how to draw, or trying to get it made can all become a time consuming costly endeavor. 

Using an online comic creator provides loads of benefits that will make your comic book creation process go smoothly. 

Take a look at all the benefits of making comics online, and start creating yours today!

First, what is an online comic creator?

An online comic creator is a tool that allows users to create a story or comic book online using easy-to-use drag-and-drop features, including templates for layouts, settings, characters, props, and more. 

Online comic creators are an amazing resource that allows you to be both the author and artist of your comic book. Not only are they a good option for those who can’t draw - but they make comic book creation simple, fun, and easy to use.

 Okay! Let's take a closer look at all the incredible benefits.

Benefit #1: Avoid the crutch of drawing

We love artists and drawing over here, but maybe your lack of drawing ability hinders you from sharing your story. So rather than creating the comic book of your dreams, you spend your time sketching, taking art lessons, and redrawing your comic, deterring you from ever putting your comic book together. Not being satisfied with your drawings or artistic ability can become an ongoing dilemma that makes developing your story 10x longer.  With an online comic creator, you can avoid drawing altogether. This allows you to spend less time in the drawing phase and more time in the creation phase!

Benefit #2: Ease of starting

Sometimes the hardest part about creating a comic book is just starting. Jump-start the process with ease by using an online comic creator. No more trying to DIY writing each section by hand, or drawing every picture. Get more done in less time without the hassle and make the process easier, 

Benefit #3: Instant gratification

No more waiting! Gain instant access to templates, layouts, and features, and start creating your comic right away.  You don’t have to spend time learning how to draw or waiting on an artist. When story inspiration hits, the last thing you want to do is to put off your creation because you don’t know where to start. With online comic creators, there is no waiting, and you can create more stories, complete more comics, and enhance your comic book writing skills all at once.

Benefit #4: It can improve your storytelling.

By focusing on the storytelling aspect of your comic, your stories will level up and get better. As comic book writers, it’s okay to prioritize the story (and as an artist, it is okay to prioritize execution over perfection). When you can be both the writer and the artist, you learn how to strategically plan your story and prioritize the elements that will make your comic great. Improve your writing skills by creating comics online and become a better writer and comic creator.

Benefit #5: No cost (mostly)

You can't beat free! When you have a great comic book idea trying to find an artist and ways to create it can become expensive. Most online comic creators are free, which makes developing your comic hassle-free, (not to mention, you won’t have to spend money trying to get it created). 

As a disclaimer: Not all online comic book creators are free. Some require a subscription, so make sure to research before choosing a platform. Some may also have a “free trial” period that will allow you to test out the software before paying for a subscription. So depending on your comic book creation preference, wants, and needs, it’s a good idea to review all the options. 

Benefit #6: Mess up with no major consequences

Avoid starting over when you make a mistake - use an online comic creator and simply fix any errors with the click of a button! When you write your comic by hand, it can be  frustrating finding a typo and having to start all over. When digitally creating your comics, you can mess up without having any major consequences, saving you LOADS of time.

Benefits #7: Reliability

Online comic bookmakers are a reliable tool that allows you to work on your comics consistently. Every day, you can create artwork, comics, or stories and maintain a consistent workflow that works around your schedule. Having a reliable platform that gives you the flexibility to work as much you’d like on a project without a timeline gives you the opportunity to develop as many stories as you’d like or to come and go as inspiration hits. 

Benefit #8 : Reduce & reuse

Another great benefit about making comics online is that it's a sustainable option. Whether you make your comic at home or send it out to get developed, there are typically multiple materials used, including paper, ink, and binding. Reduce waste by creating your comic online digitally. Download them to your computer and send them to friends and family as an eBook or pdf!

Benefit #9: Easier to experiment

You might have a lot of story ideas - using an online comic book creator gives you the freedom to explore different writing genres and experiment with writing formats. Try your hand at creating a graphic novel, short story, or a complete comic book series. The sky's the limit, and you have full control over your comic book layout, design, and style finding the format you like best.

Benefit #10: Ease of self-study

No art classes are needed! Comic book fundamentals are the same either way, and the art of storytelling is easy to learn. When using an online comic book maker, you control the development pace. Spend time on storytelling techniques to ensure your story captures the reader's attention. And If you need help writing your comic book, check out our article 7 elements to a great story.

DIY and try an online comic book creator - see what you prefer!

Don’t let your great comic ideas get left behind because you don't know where to start! You can DIY or use an online comic creator to kick start the process. 

Try both. Spend 30 mins on Storyspread making a comic and do the same traditionally. See how far you get and which experience you enjoy more. You might find that you like drawing manually and creating your images, or you might find that the process is simpler and faster when completing the tasks online. 

Check out our free online comic book maker and sign up for the software today!

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